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Sep 9, 2019

Acoustimass IV right front speaker drops out at random

Half of the time the right front speaker has no sound. Then it kicks in works for awhile. it may drop out agin in a few seconds or continue to work for up to a hour. 


Re: Acoustimass IV right front speaker drops out at random

Hello danmills1, 


Thanks for reaching out via the Bose Community. 


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your the center channel speaker of your Acoustimass system. 


To help pinpoint the issue can you please try the following: 


- Check to ensure all connections are secure

- Swap the front right speaker for one of the other speakers (just the speaker, not the cable.)


Does the issue occur still?


If so, swap the cable with one of the other cables. If the issue goes away, replace the cable.


If the issue persists after replacing the speaker cable, please look into replacing the ribbon cable that links the bass module to the amplifier.


If the issue persists after this, please reach out to support in your country to discuss service. 


I hope this helps! 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support