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Feb 27, 2020

Acoustmass Error Soundtouch 520

Getting Error Acoustimass Error on the soundtouch 520. I paid $1700 AU for this device back in 2016..Within 8 months I got this error.. I followed the technical support instructions tried to repair nothing could solve the issue , finally Bose service centre did the servicing , cleaned, repositioned bass something and fixed the issue .That Point of time it was under warranty no issues... now I have the exact same issue Bose tech Australia support said she would send me cable for’ free’.. I asked what if cable fixes the problem and wireless still does not work she said it could be wireless interference..I don’t have any wifi router anywhere near soundtouch..my wifi router is in kitchen..now I asked how much does it cost to repair in service Center, it blew my mind $320 Australian dollars ..wow its just wow..Looks like there is a flaw with the acoustimass system ..after certain period it just doesn’t work..I didn’t buy extended warranty considering it’s BOSe as I had confidence in the product...BOse engineers should work through this as I found its not just me...Please don’t do false advertisement about the product that subwoofer would work wirelessly..Just sell it with the hard wire cable... Guys don’t buy any product which says Bose wireless subwoofer Home theatre sooner or later..if you want to buy it , make sure to add extended warranty for 6-10 years..other wise you will be in a trap with this expensive product and fork out $$$$320 to repair( good ways To make money BOSe