Acustimass 300 Bass (paired with Soundbar 700) Popping/Clipping Noise

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Acustimass 300 Bass (paired with Soundbar 700) Popping/Clipping Noise

This Acustimass 300 is my second unit (returned first unit for another problem) and it has the same issue as the first one... intermittently there is a popping sound where the audio is clipping out.  I have read an archived thread and tried troubleshooting by unplugging the Soundbar 700 and the Acustimass 300 units and reconnecting, no luck... resetting both units to factory defaults and re-pairing them, no luck... turning off bluetooth and WiFi on my iPhone (in the same room), no luck... my WiFi router is not in the same room.  I'm out of troubleshooting options, help!


Re: Acustimass 300 Bass (paired with Soundbar 700) Popping/Clipping Noise

Hello Kix,


I am sorry to hear about your experience, but am glad to help! The popping sound is caused by interference as the bass module detects a deteriorating signal and switches channels to try to get a better signal. The bass module communicates with the soundbar in the 5GHz band so if your router or other devices are transmitting in that frequency range, it is likely that this will happen. Try setting your router to 2.4GHz only and turning off all other wireless devices to see if that helps. Your bass module should be about 6 feet away from other electronics (TV, game consoles, soundbar, etc.) and no more than 30 feet away. 


If all else fails you can run a cable from the soundbar to the bass module. If you'd like a cable, please contact Customer Support here. Just select your region, and kindly scroll down to where you see "Contact Us".


Let us know how it goes! 


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support