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Nov 9, 2019

Adding a bass 700 to a SA-5 amp

I am looking to purchase an SA-5 amplifier for 4x 791 in ceiling speakers. I also want to purchase a surround sound system with a 700 bass module on it in a separate room. Would it be possible to use the bass module along with the 791's and the SA-5 amp via a wired connection if I were to move it between rooms? I understand the bass module requires it's own power supply so is it just a case of getting a signal feed to it from the amp? Ideally I don't want to run it wirelessly.


Re: Adding a bass 700 to a SA-5 amp

Hello Thorpy22, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


This is possible in theory, but every aspect would need to be physically wired together. In the case of this, I would urge you to call our technical support team and talk this through with a specialist. We would need to gain a deeper understanding of how you would like this system to work and talk through this in real-time to ensure nothing is missed. 


The number to call is 1-800-379-2073. Lines are open: Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 9 PM ET Sat, 9 AM – 7 PM ET.  


I hope that you get this set up as needed. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Adding a bass 700 to a SA-5 amp

I hesitate to contradict the above, but I think they misread the use story.  The Bass module 700 will only connect via the 3.5mm input which shouldn't be compatible with the SA-5.  I also believe that it you can't plug other amplifiers into them as they will only work with SB700, SB500, ST300 and LS650/600.  As well as that the Sa-5 is just a stereo amplifier and doesn't have the bass output.


Saying that you really shouldn't need to.  The 791s have bass drivers in them and are designed to balance the sound, and pull bass from a stereo input.

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Aug 25, 2019

Re: Adding a bass 700 to a SA-5 amp

Correct.  I dont think this will work either or at least not work 100%, you may get some sort of sound out of the subwoofer, but you are not using it as its intended to be used and will run into issues.