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Oct 23, 2020

Blu-Ray for SoundBar 700

We use a video projector as our TV.  It has no Bluetooth itself, but the Amazon FireStick we plug into it does.  We want to find a decent Blu-Ray player that we can connect to the Soundbar with Bluetooth. 


Since our projector and our screen are on opposite ends of the room (with us in the middle on a couch), we would like the Soundbar to sit behind the screen, but to be able to connect wirelessly to the Amazon FireStick and a blu-ray player that will sit next to the projector.  We don't want to run wires across the room.


It is very hard to find a Blu-Ray player on Amazon that has Bluetooth.  Can you make a recommendation?





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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Blu-Ray for SoundBar 700

Pretty much all BD players I know of will only have BT in, not out.  So there would not be many.  Even if you find one, there can often be lag between the video going by cable and the sound going by BT, so it may not sound great (probably why they don't offer BT anyway)


Unfortunately for a projector you would have been better going for something other than a SOundbar.  The older ST300 had HDMI passthrough that would have worked, but many soundbars get their audio straight from the TV.