Bose 700 w/ Bass module and Apple tv 4k

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Bose 700 w/ Bass module and Apple tv 4k

I've been experiencing and couple of issues in regards to using the Bose 700 with bass module and my Apple tv 4k, more specifically using the main menus, Youtube, and Netflix apps. whenever I am using the system it automatically mutes (2 white bars showing) so I can not here the usually noises/clicks the Apple tv menus make and wont unmute unless a video starts  (see below) . I have tried using the Arc HDMI port, Optical audio, and AirPlay as well and still having the same issues regardless.



While scrolling for a video the preview for the video will begin to play without any sound. The Speaker will unmute and the audio is delayed, approx 4 seconds delay. After selecting a video it will load and begin to play, yet it is still delayed by 4 plus seconds and require me to pause the video, in which the audio still plays until it catches up and then runs without an issue. Unless I select another video or exit the app.



whenever I click on a video to watch it will begin to play without audio, however the speaker will NOT have the 2 bars illuminated showing its muted. I will have to pause the video and play again it will play with no issues, However I must do this for every single video I try and watch


Re: Bose 700 w/ Bass module and Apple tv 4k

Hi @Fr33carwash and welcome to the Bose Community!

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've had using your services here and would be happy to help where I can.


In order to provide you with the most accurate information, can I confirm a few things here:

1) What TV/Monitor are you using your Apple TV with? Is this built-in to the TV, or is this used externally?

2) If you use another source (such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the TV directly) do you encounter the same play/pause issues?

3) Have you set up the remote to control any of the devices? If so, and you clear the list, do you encounter the same issues?


Please get back to me when you can!

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Re: Bose 700 w/ Bass module and Apple tv 4k


1. I have a Samsung UN58MU6071 TV connected to the external Apple TV 4k via HDMI (port 1) and then the Soundbar connected to the TV ARC HDMI (port 3).


2. If i do not use the soundbar and only use the TV speakers everything works just fine. No delays on any app and I can here the menu noises/clicks from the Apple TV.

If i connect my Iphone via airplay it does not have any audio lag


3. Currently I only use the apple remote. But even with the Bose universal remote it had the same issues. Every now and then when I wake the TV and the Apple tv up sometimes the soundbar will not power up/unmute and I will have to go into the apple settings and unselect the soundbar as a source and reconnect before it will play any sounds.


Re: Bose 700 w/ Bass module and Apple tv 4k

Thanks for following up @Fr33carwash !


At this point, my first suggestion would be to check the audio settings of both the Apple TV and of your TV.

The supported audio formats for the Soundbar 700 are Dolby Digital and DTS, and uses a HDMI 2.0b port. Please ensure that the audio format is set to be compatible with one of these formats, and if possible please adjust the bitstream/pcm settings as well.

Following this, I would advise that you replace the cables in the setup/confirm that these cables are working separately, and ensure that these are all seated correctly.


If you are still experiencing these delay/audio issues after checking the above, I would recommend that you reach out to your local Bose Support for service. This can be done by selecting your country/region, and scrolling to "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.


Please follow up if needed!

Liam W