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Jan 15, 2020

Bose AV35 and technology troubles which are insane

My friend asked me to update the firmware to V35. And I know, that's a quite old home system, however 2 last hours made me very not Bose fan. I will try to explain why. 

In general, I have very limited trust with companies which got heavy issues with technology as general. There is very little chance, that why errors are served, the database is not working correctly and protocol design does not behave like should, that any other aspects of technology approach will be represented at a good level. When in a restaurant there is no clean in the main room, you can be sure, that the kitchen will have the same standard.


First - lookup while using the serial number is not working, served result is not clickable, and not visible (even system says that 1 result find - but served html object is not visible like badly generated, code inspection leaded to empty object). I thought that somehow, maybe, I put bad the serial number, but the firmware update procedure serves back xml with detected serial number, and using that also end up in the same situation. Ok, that's old AV system can understand that bose does not have any policy of old database verify, even so - sorry to say that, but companies which are not even close in brand positioning develop much higher standards. 


Secondly, update procedure - with BTU. 5 browsers stuck, whatever security policy is set, I went into that and there is an issue with serving javascript objects, token problems. Therefore no update will be made. Again, Im very worried about code test policy served over Bose, if it's able to deploy Syntax Errors based on probably missing objects. Who writes the code for you guys? 


The third case, the option with the downloadable auto-updater, still over new osx not working at all. Even getting into inside assets and libs would not lead to anything. 

The whole procedure and service design are not much but heavy out of date. When there is no option to download any bin as the firmware to preformatted usb drive - then Bose put solutions which are very out of category standards. I have no idea what thought is behind that - but I'm very worried that none and choosing a provider of some semiconductors which do not classic update procedure was the economic decision. 

Even its old home entertainment solution, comparing total abilities of (as I saw) UX options which were available at companies with lower brand positioning like Yamaha or Harman Kardon from those times, put them much behind Bose in aspect of source management or even simple amount of HDMI and optical inputs and available crossing over GUI. 

So after two lost hours of bad design protocols, the only thing I will suggest to my friend is to Google Bower&Willkins or Sonos. I know, nobody is perfect, but there are some industry standards and protocols which work. And when you want to design your own, against standards, you have to be sure that got enough experience to maintain the environment right. Which is not in Bose for sure.


Sorry for being straight, but that's a heavy disappointing experience. Good luck with reaching industry standards.