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May 2, 2018

Bose Cinemate 520 subwoofer cuting out

I have a cinemate 520 system and would to know if I can connect a better subwoofer to the system? The one that comes with the system is, for a lack of a better choice of words, sac poubelle! Weak for the price of the system. The subwoofer bottoms out well before reaching 50% volume, but the rest of the system will continue to get a little louder. No, the bass level is not maxed out. The equalizer settings are set at default levels.


Has anyone had any problems with the subwoofer cutting in and out? It seems to happen at low volume levels. As I type this, the subwoofer is cutting out and the volume is at 20%.

I also have issues with the video output. For no reason, and all of a sudden, the screen will either shake/vibrate, or won't display what I have plugged in, or no sound at all. In order to stop it, I have to shut the system off a few times.


Super disappointed in Bose. If I could return it to get my money back I would! Very disappointed with the system. When I was young, the Bose system was the end all goal of home stereo needs. Now, I feel like I just burnt $1400 on system that doesn't live up to its own name and hype. I could have purchased another system, at 520 level/similar caliber, for a third of the cost.


SO, now that I’m stuck with it, has anyone experienced these issues, and how did you fix them?


This is re-posted because I'm still having this problem. Connecting, disconnecting, moving subwoofer, etc. nothing works.


Bose, what is a SMB cable and how do I get it from you to solve this issue? An old moderator suggested this as a fix, but failed to mention how to get it.






Re: Bose Cinemate 520 subwoofer cuting out

Hi Jaycee, Thank you for your post, I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with your system. 


Regarding a replacement bass module, we do not recommend this as the Cinemate 520 is a full system and is designed to be used with the components supplied. By adding different components, you may compromise the audio quality or damage the system. 


Can you tell me if you have tried any troubleshooting steps for your video issues? 


Regarding a replacement part, you can purchase these from our technical support team by clicking the LINK HERE, selecting your country and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'. 


Let me know how it goes! 

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