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Jan 17, 2019

Bose Cinemate wont turn on

I can see that there is a inherit problem with the Cinemate system.....

Note I have been a Bose fan for 30 years, owning sound touch, headphones x 2, surround sound, hi fi speakers etc

Here I go I have a Cinemate II and cannot turn on (not the first time) , no green light will appear on the interface module.

I have rectified this in the past by entering 981 code ect, then the next time the code method did not work, then I disconnected the unit for 24 hrs and miraculously began working.

Now 8 months later again same issue, however i have tried all the above fix methods and all the fix methods mentioned on the community forums however none worked

Was just about to bin the unit ( 4-5 years old) so last ditch effort was I have a friend ( that I advised to purchase a Cinemate) who has the same unit as myself, so i borrowed his remote and bang the unit began working.

What the strange thing is that my remote now is activating the unit and working fine.

Bose over to you to advise.

What is it is it the remote or interface unit. If you say both need replacing what are you offering given the inherit problem people are dealing with globally..

Please no fluffy reply only facts and solution 




I have tri