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Oct 22, 2020

Bose Home Speaker 500 and Alexa Not Working in HK - please help!

I was previously in India using the Bose Home 500 along with Alexa as voice assistance

I recently moved to Hong Kong, and whilst I have control over the Bose using the BOSE Music app, the Alexa functionality is not working.

In the Bose 500 in the voice assistance section it says "we're having trouble accessing voice assistance at this time. It's possible that this feature isn't available in your area"

Can anyone help me troubleshoot to get Alexa the Bose home 500 to sync up?




Re: Bose Home Speaker 500 and Alexa Not Working in HK - please help!

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


The reason you will be unable to use Alexa on your speaker in Hong Kong is that Alexa is not currently supported on our Smart Speakers in that region. Having had a look at Amazon's list of supported regions, it does seem that Alexa is not available in Hong Kong at all on any device. For the full list of the regions we support Alexa in, you can find this HERE.


As Hong Kong is a part of China, you may be able to use the Voice Assistant Xiaowei, but this does only work with Chinese language commands.


I hope this helps!

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