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Nov 10, 2019

Bose Lifestyle 12

Hi all, just signed up for some advice.

ive had my Lifestyle 12 system for 20 years. I’ve not heard anything better and don’t want to fork out a small fortune to upgrade.

ive recently bought a Phillips tv and am wondering how to connect the tv to the Bose with only having basic red and white inputs.

Any thoughts?

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Bose Lifestyle 12

You may be able to find digital to analogue converters from local electrical stores.  However you do miss out on a lot.  Technology has changed a lot since then, but even at it's simplest you have a stereo input.  This means vocals do not come through and can get mixed with other audio, so may be harder to understand among other disadvantages.  There's also advantages to the new systems in universal remote controls, video passthrough, wireless music, multi room sound etc


To put it in another perspective.  Consider how much you paid for the system and that it has lasted 20 years.  When you split it over that time, it's probably better value than if you purchased 4 more affordable systems every 5 years (even if they lasted that long)