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May 30, 2019

Bose Music App feature suggestion

I would like to suggest adding a TV tab or button along with the Bluetooth, Airplay, etc in the Bose Music app for the Soundbar 500 and other series. This will allow users to switch to their TV input from other sources like Bluetooth or Airplay or Spotify using the app. There is already a dedicate button for the TV input on the remote of the Bose Soundbar 500, so why not make it into the app also?



Re: Bose Music App feature suggestion

Hi vickvohoang,


Thank you for the feature suggestion. I'm sure this is something that other users would be interested in as well. I'll pass this along to our development team for consideration. We can't guarantee user-requested features will be implemented but we do love to hear your ideas for how we can improve and what you would like to see!


If you have any further suggestions for how you would like to see this feature implemented, or even other ideas for the app, please let us know as we'd love to hear it!


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