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Aug 25, 2020

Bose PS 3-2-1 Powered Speaker System

I bought my system a while back during my stay in Orlando, FL.

When I moved to New Jersey, I had it in a secure box for a few

years. Now I thought of setting it up here at my new residence.

I could switch the source but I am unable to open up the drive

to insert a CD to play.


The Serial Number is [Edited by Moderator]


Please advise what should I do. Do you have technical support

that can help me? Thank you.


Rod Soriano



Re: Bose PS 3-2-1 Powered Speaker System

Hi Rod,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for joining us!


As you are able to access the CD source, is it showing that there is currently a disc in the system?


If you were to switch from the CD/DVD source to another source on the console, then back to the CD/DVD, are you able to open the disc tray then?


One thing I would definitely recommend trying is a reset of your control console. To do this what you will want to do is:

  • Power off your system
  • Unplug the power cord from the Acoustimass bass module for 30 seconds
  • Wait for Bose 321 to appear and then disappear from the system console display

Once Bose 321 has disappeared from the display, try opening the disc tray before you power on the system fully.

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