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Dec 7, 2020

Bose RC35S2 remote as prime remote?

Hi, will the RC35S2 work as a PRIME remote on V20, V35, 135 or 235 systems?  If so, what codes should be set on the unit?


Re: Bose RC35S2 remote as prime remote?

Hi kpoels,


The RC35S2 is not designed to be used as a main remote for any of the systems you have listed, so while you can set the room code on the remote to the main room, you may not get full control of all features of the Lifestyles systems from the remote.


The position of switches 6 through 9 control which room the remote is set to control, so if you set all these switches to down, this sets the remote to room A. You'll also make sure that switches 1-4 match the house code of the Lifestyle system too.


I hope this helps!

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