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Jun 10, 2019

Bose SB 700 sound cut out ONLY when connected to wifi

Okay, I love it but I'm starting to hate it!

Purchased SB 700 in May, the setup + update using the Bose app was straight forward and successful!

5 min into playing music off my phone the cut outs started ( no streaming service was used)

At the time we we're moving houses. At the new property, without internet/ Wi-Fi streaming music worked perfectly fine every single day for the last 3 weeks yesterday internet was installed, SB 700 newly setup, calibrated etc and it started to cut out instantly. As soon as I disable Wi-Fi it works fine again. so I ended up moving from Germany to spain. That's a different country, food, language, internet provider, modem, even the siesta didn't make the 700 happy)
So far I tried the usual:

- reset settings
- re install bose app
- create new bose account
- connected to another properties Wi-Fi network + setup
- move modem to different locations ( 1cm away from sound bar was one of them)
- use of 3 different phones to play music through bose app/ streaming services or direct while sb700 is connected to the Wi-Fi network
... It's always the same! As soon the Wi-Fi signal is lost it the cut outs stop!

I really want it to work but unfortunately at present this product is not functioning properly and is useless to me!

Any suggestions to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated overwise I have to return this product
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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Bose SB 700 sound cut out ONLY when connected to wifi

Hi @Thealex88 , and welcome to the Community.

Congratulations on your recent move, I hope you're starting to get settled in! I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've had with our Soundbar and would be happy to assist where possible.

In this instance, can I ask that you try and connect the Soundbar to your router/modem via an Ethernet cable rather than using the Wi-Fi connection?


If you have tried this and are still having the same issues, or are unable to perform this, can I ask that you elaborate on the following for me?


1) When you say this is cutting out, does the sound stop completely, then carry on a few seconds later, or does this simply completely shut-off?

2) While the sound only cuts out when you are connected to Wi-Fi, does this affect all sources of sound, (e.g. TV source, Bluetooth source and Wi-Fi source), or only 1/2 of these?


Please get back to me when you can!

Liam W - Community Support