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Oct 17, 2020

Bose Solo 5 soundbar and Samsung Smart Remote how to set up

I know this topic was brought up before but it has been a few months since an update has been posted. I am hoping someone might have a solution for this problem now. (Oct. 2020). 


I just bought a bose 5 solo tv soundbar and set up it with my Samsung q60 TV. I used the optical cable option to connect the soundbar and I tried to set up my Samsung smart remote. The sound is fine but the remote is not able to 1. put the volume up and down 2. the soundbar does not power on or off. The remote does run on IR signals.  


When I adjust the volume with the Samsung remote, I get a message saying optical audio but the actual volume does not go up or down. Is there an update I can give my bose 5 to fix this? What do you suggest I do?




Re: Bose Solo 5 soundbar and Samsung Smart Remote how to set up

Hey Migfon13, 


Welcome to the forums! 


Your system can receive IR commands from other remotes. This is useful if you have a programmable remote that you want to program to control multiple devices in your home, including your Bose system. No setting changes are needed on your system to control it with a universal remote that sends IR (infrared) commands. The IR sensor on your system is located on the front. Be sure it is not blocked so it can detect remote commands. I would suggest reaching out to Samsung to see if the remote needs programming to control another IR device. The remote itself may need a setting change. 


I hope this helps. 

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