Bose solo 5 no dvd audio

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Bose solo 5 no dvd audio

I have a solo 5 conected to a tivo via optical cord then TV is conected via coaxial to tivo. Sony DVD connected to TV via rca plugs (video & audio).....problem is Bose only plays tivo audio & no dvd audio.
reconnect bose thru TV instead of tivo?
any suggestions????
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Re: Bose solo 5 no dvd audio

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With the current setup, the Solo 5 is connected directly to the Tivo box and does not have a connection to the DVD player.  The TV should have a digital audio out (optical) or a standard audio out (RCA or 3.5mm).  The TV should be able to route the audio from both devices to the soundbar.


Let us know how it goes!


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