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Jul 4, 2020

Click pad remote for my Bose Videowave tv will not pair

i am hoping somebody can help me

i cannot get my Bose click pad remote to pair with my Bose videowave TV

i have tried everything as suggested in the manuals and i cant try to update the system without the click pad working

i have reset the console as instructed

any ideas please as i have been trying to do this for days now and i am am at the point of putting the whole lot in the bin 

i also need to update the system but cant without the click pad remote

Anybody out there can help me please


Re: Click pad remote for my Bose Videowave tv will not pair

Hey Tim.Chinchen, 


Thanks for posting.


I would love to help, please can you type your serial number into here and let me know which model of VideoWave you have? 


This will allow me to help you further. 

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