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Jun 30, 2020

Front channels for surround speakers

I have an Acoustimass 7 bass  module and the usual 3 jewel double-cube speakers. Will it be ok to hook up the cube speakers earmarked to front left and right to the receivers surround speakers port?


The cube as center speaker remains the same.


the reason is that i have a bose 301 series 5 that ive been using as front left and right thus i would want to use the cubes as surround speakers, still connected to the bose acoustimass module.


appreciate any feedback. Newbie here.

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Re: Front channels for surround speakers

Hey Popoy62, thanks for your message.


The three double falcon cube array speakers that are used with the Acoustimass 7 system are designed to be connected directly to the corresponding Acoustimass module, and not a separate receiver/amplifier. While the connection may be possible, should they work, they will likely not sound as expected or desired to our standard.


However, the 301 V speakers could be directly connected to your receiver's "surround speakers" port instead. The 301 V speakers are rated as compatible with receivers that are 10-150 W per channel, 4-8 ohms. You are able to check with the manufacturer of your receiver to see if they are compatible.

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