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Jan 23, 2021

How to connect a microphone to my soundbar 500?

We want to connect a microphone to our bose soundbar 500, but we noticed that it doesn't have a mic input. (3.5 jack)


I was wondering that if we buy an adapter that'll attach with the soundbar, the adapter having mic input and kareoke machine input as well, can the microphone be effectively connected to the soundbar via that adapter?


If yes, does the adapter we buy has to be a bose adapter, or any other brand of adapter will work, as long as it has mic input and it attaches with the soundbar? And how can we adjust the volume,  etc. if the microphone IS connected in this way.


And if all this doesn't work, then can we connect the microphone to a laptop and connect the laptop with the speaker (soundbar) via bluetooth, and THEN sing in the microphone, will it work?


If the methods I mentioned aren't possible, please inform us of the easiest way of connecting any microphone to our bose soundbar 500.


Sorry for asking way too many questions. We'd be really grateful if anyone can help us with this.


Thank you,

Have a great day.


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: How to connect a microphone to my soundbar 500?

I'm assuming you want this for karaoke?  If so, it won't work as you want it to.


Soundbars are generally single input.  Meaning that if you connect a mic to it, then you won't be able to play music at the same time.  If you switch back to music, the mic won't work.


You need some sort of mixer before it gets to the soundbar.  Whether that's actually a Karaoke machine, or a mixer that musicians would use, is up to you.



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Feb 2, 2020

Re: How to connect a microphone to my soundbar 500?

The S1 Pro is the best option for a karaoke set-up.  As Morlock has said, a 500 soundbar isn't designed to use in the way you want to use it.