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Jun 3, 2021

Intference from BOSE 650 System to TV



BOSE Lifestyle 650




What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on Sony OLED TV (KD65A9G) and Panasonic Blu Ray Recorder (DMRUBT1GLK)

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

We recently purchased a BOSE Lifestyle 650, Panasonic Blu Ray Player and Sony OLED TV. These were installed by a (previously BOSE endorsed) audiovisual specialist (prior to BOSE closing all bricks and mortar stores in Australia).

BOSE 650 appears to interfere with TV channel tuning. When BOSE is not connected to system, TV tunes in properly. When BOSE is reconnected, TV gives an error message that tuning is not saved. If exit error message, tuning is saved.

It is also noted that there is typically a few second delay in the BOSE connecting to the TV, the TV (for a few seconds) goes to its menu until the BOSE connects and then the error displays. It is clear the issue lies with the BOSE.

Our Audio Visual installer believes it is a software issue in the BOSE and a future update from BOSE may fix it when BOSE finds what the problem is.

All firmware is up to date on the BOSE 650, the Sony TV and the Panasonic Blu Ray player.


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously? 

Issue existed from new. Never worked properly.


Any troubleshooting steps you took

Trouble shooting done by audio visual technician.



Re: Intference from BOSE 650 System to TV

Hi detejeee.


Thank you for your message and welcome to the Community!


Can you please tell us how the Lifestyle system is connected to your TV. Your set up basically.


Have you trued resetting the system?


Sign out of the Soundtouch app and reset the console.


Reset your system by following these steps:

  1. Keep the TV and control console on
  2. On the control console, press and hold Source and Power for five seconds. The TV and the console will turn off
  3. Release the buttons. The white LED on the console should turn off; If it didn't, perform the step above again
  4. An amber LED will blink once. After this occurs press Power to turn on the system. The LED will flash amber then white while the system turns on and reboots
  5. Wait 10 seconds after the LED stays solid white before retesting the system

Note: This reset does not erase settings, though any adjustments made since the last time the console was turned on will not be saved.


Let us know.

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