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Jan 22, 2020

Lifestyle 135 and IR Emitters on Sony TV

I have tried to search but without any luck.  I have a 135 Lifestyle with Soundbar.  Works fine and controls both Sky and a separate satellite.  The remote also works a new Sony Bravia TV but only when in direct line of sight of the TV IR receiver (assume lower front centre) which is a pain as the soundbar covers it so I need to stand up to use!


I have tried with the IR extenders which work on the Sky and other satellite (as they are both in a closed cabinet) but I cannot get them to work on the TV.


I am at a loss as the both the original TV remote and the Bose remote clearly work when pointed a the TV receiver so why doens't the IR extender/emitter work - the other 2 work fine.  I have tried a separate set of IR emitters and they don't work either so it must be something else.


Any suggestions welcomed.