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Jan 18, 2020

Lifestyle 18 III w/TCL TV issues

Apologies if this is the wrong forum but I've scoured the internet and have multiple calls into Bose and TCL customer support. 


As the subject suggests I have an old (ancient at this point) Bose lifestyle system. I just a bought a TCL 6 series TV that has both an optical out and HDMI ARC. The lifestyle does not support ARC but does have an optical input that I've been using for years with my Playstation. I've been able to decode DTS and DD via Netflix, Prime, and the USB input.


I was told by Bose and TCL I should have no issues exporting DD 5.1 through the optical out on the TV, but all that's coming up is PCM 2.0 regardless of the source and settings. It's my understanding that the TV will do the heavy lifting when it comes to decoding DTS, TRueHD, Atmos, and even DD+ and force it to DD 5.1. Ultimately, that's all I care about. I'm not in the market to upgrade my whole home theater system. Funny enough, PCM 2.0 has sounded like surround at times, and I've tried some 5.1 test videos that will play through the appropriate channels, besides the sub. Can it show PCM 2.0 and still be getting 5.1? Ultimately, I'd like to know for certain with the lifestyle showing as such.


Does anyone know of a workaround or HDMI/ARC to Optical/Composite to 5.1 decoder regardless of the source material? I've tried one with my chromecast a while ago and it did not work and I want something that is foolproof. I appreciate your input. I don't mind spending $50 on an extractor/decoder of some sort, as I'd hate to have to upgrade my whole system that still works fine.