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May 30, 2020

Lifestyle 18

Hi guys I have an old lifestyle18 system and wondering if the connections will be the same for a new https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/speakers/home_theater/acoustimass-10-speaker-system.html#v=am1...


thank you in advance 


Re: Lifestyle 18

Hi Scott,


Welcome! Thanks for posting!


The connections on the Acoustimass 10 won't be the same as the connections for the Lifestyle 18 due to how they are designed to work. 


The Lifestyle 18 is designed to be a stand-alone powered system, and the control console handles the audio processing and connections to your devices.


The Acoustimass 10, on the other hand, is designed to connect to a 3rd party AV receiver, where the receiver handles the audio processing and connection to your devices. It's not a stand-alone system like the Lifestyle is, so will need to be connected differently.


I hope this helps!


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