Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

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Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hello everybody.

I have a Lifestyle 48 home theatre system and wish to connect my AR turntable.

I have bought a cartridge amplifier and can now hear my records (before it was so very quiet).

However, I am getting a deep "buzzing" sound coming out now. (Especially noticeable between tracks)

Can anyone give me a solution please?



Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hello @Mickdj17

Welcome to the Bose Community!


I'm sorry to hear of the unusual buzzing audio you've experienced here and would be happy to help! In order to do so, can I ask for some more information please?


1) What model of amplifier are you using here?

2) Do you experience this buzzing sound from all sources or only from the AR turntable?

3) What model of turntable is being used here?

4) If you replace the cables being used in your setup, do you experience the same buzzing audio?

5) If you connect the turntable to a different speaker or headphones, do you experience the buzzing audio then?


Please return to me when you can so I can follow up for you!

Liam W - Community Support

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Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

BC1FC6A9-3B03-4EE1-A1E7-BBA127FBF0D5.jpegEC6F86CA-B96B-4656-83A2-7C10A9979FF3.jpeg0D9250C3-4559-4617-BE38-7D45526BB2F6.jpegHi Liam

Thanks for getting back to me.

The amplifier has very little on it to identify it. Please see below photos.



The only source that buzzes is the turntable. (Suggesting my Lifestyle 48 is ok)


The turntable is “The AR turntable”. Again very little model reference. Please see photos at top of reply.


I have tried different cables, some cheap some quality.


i had the turntable connected to many amplifiers (stand-alone) before without any issues. The amplifiers did have a grounding point for the turntables earth whereas the Bose unit has no such facility.


I hope this is enough information in order to answer your questions. 


Many thanks






Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hi there @Mickdj17 and thanks for following up!


It's interesting that you say this has worked fine with other amplifiers before. Just to clarify, were those amplifiers connected to other speakers, or to the Lifestyle system?


With regards to your issue, I would recommend that you ensure that the ports on the amplifier, lifestyle and turntable are clean and free from debris, as this could create a loose contact resulting in the buzzing audio you hear.

If possible, can I also ask that you confirm if you hear the same buzzing if you connect the amp to a different speaker/system? If so, the buzzing may be created by the amplifier, as you suggested earlier!


Please return to me with an update when you can 😊!

Liam W

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Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hi Liam.

Thank you for your response and input.

I can confirm that I have used the turntable many times (without any issues) on my hi fi separates systems.

Also, the con.ections are all clean and grease free on the back of my lifestyle system.

I have no need to use the stylus/cartridge pre amp on separates hi fu systems as they do not require or.

Also, I have tried the turntable on various inputs on the back of my lifestyle unit. Same result, same buzzing.

What I'm trying to understand is how I can match the turntable to my system simply and easily. What do I need to add, buy or change to make it work as it does in conventional hi fi systems??

Surely other people have had issues marrying up turntables with lifestyle systems?

Hope this clarifys all your follow up questions.

Looking forward to your responses.




Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hi again @Mickdj17 .

Thank you for your patience! I have been trying to establish the exact reason you might be hearing this, and have a few suggestions.


Firstly, can I ask that you check the Analog/Digital levels of the input? If you open the menu of the Lifestyle 48, go to Audio, and scroll down past "Audio Processing" you will see a list of Analog and Digital input levels.

If you have the Amp connected and reduce these to -3 or -6, (for the port you have this connected to) do you still hear the buzzing?

Likewise, if you disconnect the Amp and instead set this to +3 or +6 does this improve your original low-volume?


Following the above, if the system is playing and you press down with your finger on the amplifier or at the point that the inputs touch that amplifier, does this reduce/stop the buzzing sound? If so, this would imply a grounding issue. Likewise, if you are using a power strip or surge protector, and you have another device connected to this, can you disconnect this from power and check again?


Please get back to me at your convenience.

Liam W

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Re: Lifestyle 48. Connect a turntable

Hi Liam

apologies for delayed response due to my travelling with work and thank you for your continued support and follow up.

I played around with all the checks you mentioned and then thought “Sod-it” and bought another pre amp. lol and behold it worked!

Seems the earth on the first pre amp was ineffective and causing the buzzing!

It all seems to be ok now with the replacement amp so I will keep my fingers crossed, say thank you once again and leave you alone!!

My kindest regards