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Jul 9, 2019

Lifestyle® 48 DVD home entertainment system Connection Issues


I have an old Lifestyle 48 home entertainment system. Today we picked up a new Xfinity DVR cable box and it is all set and paired (supposedly) but I have no sound from my system.  I think the old 'audio' input 'wires' aren't compatiable with the new DVR cable box.  I am not tech savy, any suggestions on how to get the audio to work?  Thanks

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Lifestyle® 48 DVD home entertainment system Connection Issues

Welcome to the Bose Community @smortenson , I hope you're well!


I'm sorry to hear of the setup issues that you've been having between your Lifestyle 48 and DVR cable box, and would be happy to assist.

Can I ask what ports your DVR cable box has? The AV Control Console used with the Lifestyle 48 systems does not have a HDMI input, but does have optical audio, along with S-Video and Composite Video cable.

If your cable box does not support any of the ports for the console directly, I would instead recommend that you connect the DVR cable box to the TV, then feed an audio cable (such as the optical cable) down to the Lifestyle 48 that way.

I hope this helps, and please get back to me if you have any further questions!

Liam W - Community Support