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Sep 10, 2018

Lifestyle 535 - 3D compatibility issue

Dear Community, Bose support,


I'm using LS535 III as a pass-through to view 3D movies from Blue-Ray media player and noticed that only two 3D modes are available to select from LS menu, which are "top and bottom" and "side by side". None of those modes are delivering'real' full HD 3D experience, also known as FHD3D or Frame Packing 3D mode.


Blue Ray 3D format specification (BD3D, or FHD3D, or 'Frame Packing') is the only true loss-less 3D TV format and it looks strange that Bose doesn't support it, 'downgrading' content to top-bottom format, despite having HDMI 1.4a hardware which is required to view Blue-Ray 3D in 1080p Frame Packing mode. 


When same Blue Ray player connected directly to my Full HD 3D projector I can watch 3D movies in 'Frame Packing' 3D mode, but not when path-through signal via Bose LS console. Looks to me as a software issue but not a hardware limitation.


It would be nice to have it fixed in future software updates to path-through Full HD 3D content via Bose LifeStyle 535 console family.