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Aug 20, 2019

Lifestyle 535 series iii SoundTouch update question

Hello, i recently bought a used Bose Lifestyle 535 series iii, and it’s came with a Bose soundtouch , which requires a update to operate.

it says to install supplied usb drive into the Bose Lifestyle, and download and install the update .

which I did. But when I plug the usb drive into my computer, there is no “file” to install into my computer. I only see a google chrome short cut, which brings me to the Bose website... it then asks me to enter my region, which I have done... but there is still no drivers or updates that I can see to copy onto my usb, then back onto the life style system. Where can I get the update to make my sound touch operational? There is a YouTube video to explain what I am trying to do



Re: Lifestyle 535 series iii SoundTouch update question

Hello Cdrbassmaster,


Thanks for taking the time to post in the Bose Community.


It is likely your system is running a much older firmware version so it should be the top priority that you update the adapter to the latest version to enable you to set up with the SoundTouch app. 


Please visit this website then scroll down to the section "Manually updating with a USB cable". It has all the instructions you need to get you updated, including the required update file.


I hope this helps! If anyone is in a similar position, please do the same.


Kind regards,


Jeff G - Community Support



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