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Oct 3, 2015

Lifestyle 600 rear speakers Wired Vs Wireless?


Bose product name: Lifestyle 600


The documentation for Lifestyle 600 seems to suggest that it is better to have the rear speakers used in a wireless set-up.

I have the wires from a previous set-up and have the Bose adapter which I have bought too, but out of interest:


What is the real difference/benefit between wireless and wired read speakers?


If none, then I will opt for wired, as it will free 2 power sockets and make the most of the existing in wall and under floor wires instead of having 2 new ones to have to mask.



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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 600 rear speakers Wired Vs Wireless?

I don't know, but I would try whichever one you want to use first.  If it works OK, you're done.  If not, try the other.  Not a lot of sound comes out of the rear surround speakers anyway.

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Oct 5, 2015

Re: Lifestyle 600 rear speakers Wired Vs Wireless?

I too have the same question. For my Lifestyle 650, I ran in-wall rated wiring to all of the speakers and then used the in-wall wiring Kit from Bose, which connects all of the spears to the Lifestyle Media Console. It seems to be working fine like this, however I am curious if going this way limits the maximum output (volume) of the system. 


Compared to my Lifestyle V35 or V25, the overall max volume of the LS650 seems significantly lower. In fact during some thrilling movies I have it turned up to 95 or so and it still isn't "too loud" - which is never the case with the V35 or V25. I am wondering if the overall output of the system has to be reduced when using the rear-speakers in a wired configuration because the same power supply is being used by all speakers rather than just the front 3. 


I may experiment and try to switch to using the rear speakers in a wireless configuration. For that though - I need to be able to connect standard speaker wire to the wireless receivers. Bose - do you sell an adapter for the LS650 wireless receivers to convert the proprietary connector on the wireless receivers to standard speaker wire terminals? @bose