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Apr 29, 2020

Lifestyle 600 system won’t shut off - keeps turning back on

I have had my Bose Lifestyle 600 system for 6 months. No problem until now.  All of a sudden the system won’t shut off.  It keeps turning back on.  I had to unplug it the last couple times.  What is the fix for this?


Re: Lifestyle 600 system won’t shut off - keeps turning back on

Hi Joe D 1227,


If your Lifestyle system is turning back on without you telling it to, this is likely due to HDMI-CEC commands being sent from other devices connected to the Lifestyle, telling it to turn on. As this has only started recently, have you connected any new devices to the Lifestyle recently? A new TV, Blu-Ray Player, or other HDMI connected device could be sending unwanted commands to the Lifestyle.


If you haven't connected any new devices, it could be a previously connected device that is causing this as well. The best way to test this is by adjusting the CEC settings on your Lifestyle. To do this open the Unify menu by pressing the setup button and navigating to CEC Settings. In this menu, try all 3 available settings and see if any of these stop the Lifestyle turning on by itself.


Let me know how you get on with this!

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