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May 28, 2021

Lifestyle 600 turn on problem

Hello Bose Community, I have a lifestyle 600 and when i press the turn on button the led light not turn on but on the TV screen shows the Bose logo and it do nothing just show the bose logo. The remote control shows on the screen as if you were thinking or loading and it do nothing. If someone knows how I can solve this problem, I would appreciate it.




Re: Lifestyle 600 turn on problem

Hey @Yunhyr19, thanks for posting!


I am sorry that you're experiencing a power up issue with your Lifestyle 650 system. I would love to look into this further with you. 


Have you been through any troubleshooting so far? If not, here's what I would first recommend resetting the system. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Keep the TV and control console on
  2. On the control console, press and hold Source and Power for five seconds. The TV and the console will turn off
  3. Release the buttons. The white LED on the console should turn off; If it didn't, perform the step above again
  4. An amber LED will blink once. After this occurs press Power to turn on the system. The LED will flash amber then white while the system turns on and reboots
  5. Wait 10 seconds after the LED stays solid white before retesting the system

Let me know if the issue occurs once you reboot the system.


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