Lifestyle 650 - Bug - No sound from UHD-Player

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Lifestyle 650 - Bug - No sound from UHD-Player



Some days ago I replaced my old Bluray player with the UHD-Player Panasonic DP-UB824EGK and I noticed that the Lifestyle has a problem with the sound output from this player (no sound). My setup: The player has two HDMI outputs, one for video+audio and one for audio only. The first one is directly connected to my TV, the latter to port HDMI2 on the Lifestyle. The Lifestyle has latest firmware installed, the player too (1.47), CEC is disabled in all devices. The problem occurs if the Lifestyle is turned on and no other HDMI port with an active source was selected before switching to HDMI2, e.g. starting directly on HDMI2.


I found a workaround to make the sound working again by switching to another active source port on the Lifestyle and the switching back to HDMI2. This helps 90%, but sometimes I must even powercycle the Lifestyle prior to this.


What does NOT help:

- Turn on Lifestyle before player

- Turn on player before Lifestyle

- Powercycle Lifestyle and/or player


I suppose the problem occurs, because the player sends audio only and if this is the first selected source after a Lifestyle powercyle something fails to initialize correctly.

The source audio info screen on the remote shows crap like "2.0" in this case. If sounds works correctly it displays somethink like "1080i  DTS  5.1".


I hope my explanations are clear for you and help to fix this bug.


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Re: Lifestyle 650 - Bug - No sound from UHD-Player

Hello psychodad,


I am sorry to hear that's happening, but am happy to help. I suspect the problem is the audio only connection to HDMI 2 on your media console. Have you connected the HDMI(ARC) port on your TV to the HDMI output of the Lifestyle media console? You wouldn't need to use the audio only HDMI connection then.


If your TV does not have ARC, try connecting the optical audio output from the DVD player to the one of the optical inputs on the media console and see if that functions as intended. In this case the DVD player would need to be connected directly to the TV via HDMI for video. 


Let us know if that works better for you! 


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support