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Aug 7, 2020

Re: Lifestyle 650 - Xbox One X and HDR flickering

PM's replied (haven't been able to login this account for days, "something went wrong")

Found FW version, through the SoundTouch app afterwards : 26.0.1


Re: Lifestyle 650 - Xbox One X and HDR flickering

Hi Ph1L, 


We've had some further information requested from the engineering team regarding your issue. Can you kindly confirm:


- They wanted to confirm the Xbox model. Is it an XBox One X, or an Xbox Series X (The newest one)?


- Does the issue occur when LG "Game Mode" is disabled?

- Our engineers recommended using HDMI ports 1-3 on the back of the 650 console for this setup. You mentioned you were using port 2, can you please test on all HDMI ports to check if there is a change in performance? 


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