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May 21, 2020

Lifestyle 650 not working after software update

I was going through the AdaptiQ process with my Lifestyle 650 which was otherwise working perfectly.  It said "the microphone was not recognized."  I then went to another Lifestyle 650 and did the AdaptiQ process with the same headset microphone which worked fine on that unit.  I went back to the first unit and tried a software update.  The unit said it had updated successfully.  I re-tried the AdaptiQ but it still didn't recognize the test tones, and said to call Bose Support and provide "error number 1."  I waited on hold for 20 minutes and the call dropped.  Then I decided to do a factory reset.  After doing this, it entered the setup mode where it wanted to play test tones on all the speakers.  No sound would play from any of the front speakers, and the console would no longer recognize my wireless rear speakers.  I am stuck in an endless loop of resetting the console only to end up stuck at the same place (speaker setup).  Is my unit bricked?


Re: Lifestyle 650 not working after software update

Hi donjo, 


I am very sorry to hear that you are having this experience with your Lifestyle 650 system. Thanks for already trying some great troubleshooting!


As you have tried the troubleshooting in which we would suggest, I would reach out to your local product support team. You can reach out to your local support team via clicking this link and selecting your region, this will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country. 


Thank you.

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