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Aug 25, 2019

Lifestyle 650 turns TV on, when I just want to listen to music every time!

my Lifestlye 650 ist connected to my LG TV via HDMI eARC and the CEC is set to alternative and whenever I want to just listen to music, the console turns on TV.
I tried everything with the CEC settings, but finally I found out that it is the Infra Red that turns on the TV, not the HDMI Cable!

Since I sell Lifestyle 650 systems at work, I know that a lot of people have this issue.

To my understanding, the reason for this problem is that I programmed the Universal Remote to my LG and the console sends an Infra Red signal to the TV to show the cover pictures of the music I'm playing and I have to turn off the TV manuelly EVERY TIME!!
What is really nessessary is, that through an software update I get to choose in the Unifiy Menu that I don't want the console to turn the TV on, when I turn on SoundTouch.
This is such an important issue, that I don't understand that this is not yet been taken care of!

Please forward this to the technical department!

The only solusion I found was to uncouple the universal remote from my TV and use it's own remote, but that is not acceptable solution in the long run.

Please help!


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Feb 21, 2021

Re: Lifestyle 650 turns TV on, when I just want to listen to music every time!

Hi Lightemerging

any solution to this issue?... I'm experiencing the same problem.

thank you for you help