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Sep 8, 2019

Lifestyle AV48 with VS2 & 5.1 Bose Speaker System: Digital / Optical Audio Works Intermittently


I recently purchased a home that came with a Bose Lifestyle BUILT-INvisible home theater system, consisting of an AV48 Reciever, VS2 Video Enhancer and 5.1 Bose in-wall speaker system.  My needs at the moment are pretty simple - I'm trying to connect my TiVo Roamio Pro to this pre-existing Bose system to best use the 5.1 speaker system (Dolby Digital surround processing).  The video aspect has not been an issue, as I simply connect my TiVo to the VS2 Video Enhancer via HDMI and video is handled properly.


My TiVo has HDMI (w/5.1 audio capabilities) and digital/optical TOSLink audio outputs, which I know work fine as they have used them successfully with my previous setup using a different AV receiver.


From my troubleshooting, I am gathering that the AV48 with VS2 must be old enough that 5.1 audio over HDMI is not supported, so I have been focused on getting the digital/optical TOSLink audio output from the TiVo into the AV48 to work, instead.  I then go to Settings for "2-3-5 Speakers" and select "5 Audio", and then go to System and configure "CBL-SAT/VCR Audio" (input I am using) to "Bose 5.1", I very intermittently get any audio at all in this configuration.  In most cases, I get no audio, and then have to change from "Bose 5.1" to "TV Speakers" and enable my TV speakers.


During some periods where audio works with "Bose 5.1", it stops suddenly on its own (no audio).  Conversely, during some periods where I had it set to "TV Speakers" and was relying on the TV speakers, the Bose speakers suddenly start to work on their own.  In both scenarios, I made no cable or configuration changes whatsoever and the digital audio over the Bose speakers just started/stopped working on their own.


In trying to troubleshoot this, I have tried different optical/TOSLink cables, as well as a separate Bluray player, just to confirm that the problem was not with the cable I was using, nor with the TiVo.  As far as I can determine, the problem appears specific to the AV48 receiver.  I have also tried different HDMI cables, in the hope to seeing if I could get the HDMI to carry the digital audio signal from the VS2, but no dice.  I am also convinced that the speakers themselves are not at fault, because if I play a DVD directly from the AV48, the Bose speakers consistently work as expected (this is the only configured I can find where the digital audio works 100% properly - which, of course, is not exercising the same optical audio output on the AV48.


Any thoughts or suggestions as to next steps I could take..?



Re: Lifestyle AV48 with VS2 & 5.1 Bose Speaker System: Digital / Optical Audio Works Intermittently

Hi Tzest, 


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Community! 


Thank you for your descriptions of your set up and the troubleshooting you have carried out already, this is most helpful. 


I suspect that there may be an issue with the port on the back of the AV48. I would recommend trying in a different port to see if you get consistent audio. 


I'd also recommend plugging your 3rd party devices directly into your TV and running an optical cable down to the AV48. This way you will always get audio through the system regardless of the source you have selected. 


Let me know how you get on! I'll do all I can to get your set up running correctly for you! 




Jessie O - Community Support