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Mar 27, 2021

Manual update Soundbar 500 results in error code 500, subcode 121

Hi Support team,


I have a Soundbar 500 (S/N: [REMOVED BY MODERATOR]) stuck at updating mode, the light flashing from left to right. My remote control is not functional so cannot do soft reset.


I have tried:

  • Factory reset using the Action & Microphone Off buttons 
  • Download latest FW from SB500FW (
  • Plug in in the Ethernet cable & connect to <device local IP>:17008/update.html
    • Your System: professor (unknown)
    • Product Version: jenkins@m1-abrams
  • When uploading the file, the page says
    • "That didn't work. Download a different file, then try again."
    • Go to Chrome DevTools > Network tab > update.html > Response, I got an error code 500  




{"Error":{"code":500,"subcode":121,"message":"Signing key mismatch (target:unknown, zip:prod"}}





Can anyone verify if the firmware file is corrupted? And, advise what to do next?


Thank you.