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Dec 21, 2018

No Bass after ST300 update

I was a very satisfied and proud customer of my ST300, Base Module, and satellite speakers. But its really bad to see that BOSE's recent software update has degraded my listening experience. Without knowing that the upgrade has caused the problem, I even dispatched the Aqustimass 300 unit to the repair centre for BOSE.


Now that I see recent post in the online forums where many customers are affected by this, I am really sad to see that BOSE has also fallen into the corporate way of dealing with their products like all others. Before all this, BOSE was a passionate affair in producing good products and Softwares but now they let it's quality down. The response from BOSE on a long-running post of the same issue was to ask customer's to wait till they come up with a solution! This is really absurd as I want to see how they react when we, customer delay our payments to their products.


I wanted to keep my log and send a message to Bose, that you will treat your customer's and their issues with respect and quickly. A simple code comparison can help you identify what went wrong. It only matter of time your customers start leaving you for such issues.