Old Accoustimas 5 with center channel

Silent Starter

Old Accoustimas 5 with center channel

I have an old original Accoustimas 5 set. Sub with two satelittes.

Can I use the satellites with out the Sub, by connecting them to the center channle of a 7.1 system?

Wistful Whiz

Re: Old Accoustimas 5 with center channel

You cannot use Bose cubes without the Bose Acoustimass.  You didn't say what kind of 7.1 system you're talking about.  Is it some other Bose system or just a 7.1 receiver?  You can go from a receiver to the Bose Acoustimass to the cubes.  So, you can use your Bose Acoustimass 5 for two channels from a receiver.  You might be able to run two wires from a receiver front center channel to the two Bose Acoustimass in's, then two wires from the Bose Acoustimass out's, one each to the two cubes.  Seems like that would work, maybe.