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Apr 9, 2020

Old Bose System with New Smart TV

I was setting up an old Bose System they had lying around for a friend of mine (I'm not an audiovisual guy nor is she). The Bose system was a Lifestyle Series 28 II Home Theater System- 5 surround sound speakers, subwoofer, main control hub. The TV is a newer model (Philips SmartTV 5604 Series).


We plugged in the red, yellow, white cables to the back of the TV and made sure that all the speakers were properly plugged in. Upon turning on the system, we went into the settings and changed the TV audio from the TV Speakers to the only other option (external speaker system or something). Unfortunately, we weren't able to receive sound from what was displaying on the TV. I took a look through inputs and saw that there were only 5 options: TV (cable), composite (does anyone know what this is?), HDMI (1-3). We tried putting in a DVD into the main hub and while we were able to get all the speakers to cast the sound, there was no visual for the DVD itself.

I took a look at the back of their TV and there's not much in the way of inputs. HDMI, RYW cable ports, and a digital optical port. I'm wondering if she will be able to see and hear the surround sound speaker system if she gets a Digital Optical Cable and connects the main hub to the TV through that. If anyone else has any other advice, we'd really appreciate it.

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Old Bose System with New Smart TV

It was hard to find which TV it was you had (but I think I can see the connections) so this may take a little back and forth.


You need to consider both directions, however you're probably better off pluggin DVD/BD/appleTV or anything else into the TV directly.  You'll get better video, but will still get audio going through the Bose.  This may mean you use two remotes, but you'll still get the better experience.


Getting Video from Bose to TV (if you connect as above, this will just be for any settings/setup changes on the Bose system):

So the old Lifestyle won't have HDMI.  Probably the best you can do is the Composite (plain yellow cable) which will go into a yellow slot on the TV (sometimes plain black) most likely labeled video.


Getting Sound From the TV to the Bose:

Digital optical cable on the TV should be an output.  That will go into the lifestyle console (should be labeled TV input).


If that doesn't make sense or work, maybe upload a photo of the TVs inputs/outputs, and the Bose's and I will make sure I'm thinking the right things.