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Sep 29, 2020

OmniJewel and Jewel cube in-wall wiring kit?

I've got the Bose Surround 700 speakers and I'm trying to figure out the nicest way to wire them so wire's etc are hidden. 


One of the options in accessories for the speakers the "OmniJewel and Jewel cube in-wall wiring kit" ( has no guide available for it.   I'm trying to figure out what the function is of the white wire is to the left of the mounting plate in the product picture?   Is it for power transmission...or attaches to the mounting plate.  If someone had a link to the install guide that would be really helpful!


BTW - the names of these products are really terrible!   It would be so simple and easy to name these products something simple so people aren't wondering what is a omnijewel or jewel is, and it's easily recognizable that it meets many purposes.   






Re: OmniJewel and Jewel cube in-wall wiring kit?

Hey Eric, 


The OmniJewel in-wall wiring kit is designed specifically for use with Lifestyle systems (600/650 etc). Lifestyle systems come with branded OmniJewel surround speakers, which can connect to the Lifestyle's control console either wirelessly (using similar wireless receivers that you will have with their Surround 700 speakers), or using a hard-wired connection, that plugs directly into the rear of the control console.

The in-wall wiring kit is designed to be connected to the ports on the rear of the Lifestyle console and then connected to the in-wall wiring.

The Soundbar 700 does not feature any ports to hard-wire surround speakers. The Surround Speakers/Surround Speakers 700 must be wirelessly connected to the soundbar. As there are no available connection ports on the soundbar, the linked product is not compatible with your product.



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