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Jun 29, 2020

RC28T1-27 stopped working

About Bose RF remote Control RC28T1-27

Remove batteries and one screw and carefully open case with guitar pick or similar, start at screw end.. use second guitar pick to get the case initially separated.

If your remote is the same as mine, there is a large ferite and an coper wire wound around it, then soldered to either side of the forward end of the remote.


Carefully examine the connections of the ferrite coiled wire. Mine was sheared off the circuit board from some rap or fall.


One end of the wound wire attaches to the circuit board's perimeter trace, the other end attaches to a little round island dot circuit board trace, then the trace leads to a surface mount component.

I desoldered the original solder drop from the coiled wire, and with it came the original printed circuit dot and about 1/8 inch of the trace leading to the SMT component.

I then cleaned and straightened the last 3/4 inch of the copper loop wound around the ferrite, made a little bend at the last 3/16 inches and soldered it to the outside terminal of the nearby SMT component, as indicated by the original.