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Jun 18, 2019

Rattling sound in my surround speaker power adapter

I have recently added the Bose surround speakers to my Soundbar 500 + Bass module setup. I hear a continuous rattling (fan kind) sound inside the power adapter of one of the rear surround speakers when they are powered on. The speakers themselves are fine and the power adapter of the other surround speaker does not make this sound. The sound is not loud but since it is place right behind my sofa, i can hear it clearly when the speakers are not firing.


Re: Rattling sound in my surround speaker power adapter

Hi there @Sohanblr and thanks for taking the time to post!


I'm sorry to hear of the unusual rattling audio you're experiencing here and would be happy to advise you 😊.

My first suggestion would be to connect the power adapter to a different power outlet, and ensure that the cables are seated securely on both ends of the adapter. If you find that the rattling audio disappears, I would suggest that you ensure all cables are connected securely moving forwards, and if needed test the outlet with other devices.


If you're still experiencing this, I would suggest that you try placing the power adapter on a different surface and confirm if the rattling continues.

If this persists after checking both of the above, I would advise that you reach out to support directly to get your adapter replaced. You can do this by clicking here, selecting your country/region, then navigating to "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page if needed.


Please follow up if required, and let me know if you have any questions or updates!

Liam W - Community Support