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Mar 2, 2021

Remote not working

Before creating a new topic, please search the Community to avoid creating duplicate threads. If you are posting about a problem, the more of the below details you can include (if applicable) the easier it will be for others to try and help. Go to for a helpful post on how to find relevant information, including your firmware and app version information!


Bose product name Lifestyle 48 series iv 


Country Australia 


Firmware Version unknown 


App Version unknown


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 11, iPhone X on iOS14, etc.)

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce The remote stopped working suddenly. Batteries changed. Tried to reset house code without success. The media centre still works fine. The remote commands are being recognised as the little blue light flashes in the bottom right every time a button is pressed on the remote. Getting a message “other rooms are on —tv”


What environment do you experience the issue in? (e.g. noisy office, quiet kitchen, etc.)


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?


Any troubleshooting steps you took - tried all options in troubleshooting 




Re: Remote not working

Hi Laquerhead,


Thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Lifestyle system. 


Are you using the original remote or another that was purchased after? 


I have included instructions below for changing your House Code: 


Change House Code

  1. Power off your system
  2. On the back of the remote control, remove the battery cover
  3. Above the battery compartment, use a small utensil (i.e. paperclip or pen) to change the positions of the first four switches. These switches determine the House Code of the system
  4. Replace the battery cover
  5. On the system console, press and hold the Enter button. "House Code" will appear on the console display with four squares indicating the current House Code
    Note: If "House #" and six squares appear, MDU mode is enabled. (To Disable MDU mode see below) 
  6. While holding the Enter button, press any button on the remote. "New House Code" will appear and the four squares will change to reflect the new House Code
  7. Release the Enter button

    Note: If you have more than one remote for your system, match the House Code switch positions on all remotes to the new setting.


Change the MDU mode setting

Note: This feature is only present in software versions 030304 and later.

  1. Turn the system off
  2. Lift the media center door. Press and hold the Enter button. "House Code" appears on the media center display if MDU mode is off. "House #" will appear if MDU mode is on.
  3. While holding the Enter button, press the Store button until "MDU MODE" appears
  4. Use the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons to toggle between the two options, "ON" and "OFF"
  5. Release the Enter button
  6. Press the Store button to clear the display

Activating this mode will limit the available room codes to A, B and O



Have you tried factory resetting the system? (Please note: Playlist and uStation names for music stored on your system will be reset; however, their contents will not be reset.)


Restore Factory Default Settings:

  1. On the remote control, press the System button. (Tip: If the system menu does not appear on your TV, be sure the correct TV input is selected)
  2. Scroll right to select Media Center, then press the Enter button
  3. Scroll down to select Restore Settings, then press the Enter button
  4. Scroll up to select Yes, then press the Enter button: The display shows Have you been instructed to do this?
  5. Scroll left to select Yes, then press the Enter button
  6. Press the Exit button to exit the menu.


I hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on. 

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