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Jan 21, 2019

Remove Soundtouch App Word "Lifestyle"



Bose product name 

Bose Lifestyle 650 Soundsystem with second Subwoofer 




Firmware Version



App Version





Hello again


I noticed something in the Soundtouch app.


When you open the app ---> Settings ---> Info about --- Lifestyle 650 there is the name I gave the system in the upper area.

(Lifestyle 650 / Bose LS 650 living room).


The word "Lifestyle" is written under the designation.


I have marked this in red in the picture below. This word is out of place and depending on how the sound system is called, the name doubles.


Is it possible that this word can be deleted with a next update?


Without this word this information board would be cleaner and make a better impression, and yes, I reinstalled / discontinued / deleted the app, etc.


I know this is just a minor thing.

With the last Soundtouch app update you exchanged the picture of the Soundtouch Console for the correct one on my hint.


It was a great thing that you passed on customer requests and the software engineers changed that.


So it would be great if you could change this too.


If you change this, the structure / design and appearance of the app is perfect



Greetings Philipp