Replace lifestyle 600 speakers with omnijewels?

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Replace lifestyle 600 speakers with omnijewels?

So my lifestyle 600 jewel cube speakers got torn off the wall because of some obnoxious kids playing and need to get replacements.  The console is fine, and I know I can order replacement jewel cube speakers from Bose parts.  


However, I was wondering what if I ordered omnijewel speakers instead with the cables needed?  Bose parts said I could order spare omnijewels if I wanted.  Some Bose store reps tell me it can work because the consoles are interchangeable between LS 600 and 650.


has anyone tried this replacing the jewel cubes with omnijewels?  Since I’m already shelling out $700 for the replacement jewel cubes, thinking about just going all the way and getting them as omnijewels and essentially upgrade my system to a LS650?

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Re: Replace lifestyle 600 speakers with omnijewels?

You are correct in that the only difference between the LS600 & LS650 is the speakers.  They are interchangeable and the only thing that designates the system as a 600 or 650 at Bose is the model of speakers that it shipped with.


Re: Replace lifestyle 600 speakers with omnijewels?

Hello Matrixstar2020,


I am sorry to hear that happened to your Jewel Cubes. Unfortunately, the two consoles are not interchangeable. Though the consoles are largely identical, the radically different design of the Omni-Jewel speakers requires different Digital Signal Processing (DSP). While the connections may be the same, using the Omni-Jewel speakers with a Lifestyle 600 console will yield undesirable results. This is not something that can be changed with different firmware as they come from the factory set specifically for the intended speaker package. I know this isn't the news you were looking for, but I hope it helps! 


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Greg - Community Support