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Sep 10, 2019

Sb500 turns off for 30 seconds occasionally

We bought a sb500 this spring and it worked great. Until last few weeks it started not having sound for 25 to 30 seconds occasionally everyday. If you wait you dont have to do anything and it comes back. Just super frustrating it goes super quiet with tv volume while watching something.  I have unplugged for a couple minutes and replugged in. I turned off standby. Still does it randomly.


Re: Sb500 turns off for 30 seconds occasionally

Hello D21,


Thank you for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing these drop outs with your Home Speaker 500. 


Can you firstly inform us on how you tend to use your Home Speaker? How do you also have this connected to your TV?

Does the speaker itself also turn off or is this a suspected interference with the audio?


Can you please ensure that your Home Speaker 500 is up to date with the latest firmware. To manually initiate a software update:

On the top of your product, simultaneously press and hold the Bluetooth® and Volume - buttons for 10 seconds:

  • If an update is available, a white light scrolls across the light bar on the front of your product while it is updating. Once complete, your product reboots
  • If no update is available, your product reboots

Following this please ensure that the Bose Music application is also up to date on your device. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support