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Sep 22, 2019

Series II equilizer with Onkyo TXZ-RZ830

I recently just purchased an Onkyo Tx-RZ830 to use with my bose 901 series II speakers that my mom gave me.  I was not aware that there was an equilizer that would need to be hooked up as well.  The receiver seemingly powers the speakers ok, but I do understand that these speakers are meant to be used with the eq, and will sound a whole lot better if I hook it up.  I have enough RCA cables to choke a horse, and it looks like that's all that's needed on the bose EQ side of things.  After a google search I learned that you need a tape in or tape out on your receiver, I have no such thing.  Is there a way to hook these up properly?  My set up is the 901s as Front Left and Right, and I have a pair of 301s for the rear speakers.  I plan to buy a subwoofer and a center speaker at some point, but for now, I'd just like to get this EQ hooked up.