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May 26, 2015

Solo 5 2nd remote


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Solo 5



I purchased a new Bose Solo 5 remote control so my wife and I can each have one in hand (and battle each other with volume changes, Ha!).  The primary one that came with the system works perfectly.  The new one (with new batteries) will not control the Bose-power or volume.  Is there a need to 'sync' it to the sound bar or be told of a code to operate like the one that came with it?  Both remotes look identical and are the same genuine Bose remote for this model.

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Solo 5 2nd remote

Since it's an IR remote, there is no need to sync it.  It just needs line of sight.  The only setup needed is to control any devices connected to the Solo.


Did you purchase the remote direct from Bose?  The reason I ask, Bose often use identical remotes for several systems that are sometimes not interchangable.  So while they look the same, they may not be.