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Aug 21, 2019

Sounbar 500 low satellite volume

Hi all. I love the unit and revel in the sound it produces. My issue is that even with the satellites at +100 they are barely detectable. I have been experimenting with adjusting the volume via the app by dropping the center volume and it does nothing noticeable. Even at zero there is sound out of it and the fact that it can be set below zero is confusing. Even at -100 there is sound. I am guessing that I am misunderstanding something regarding how this is supposed to work The bass and treble can be adjusted and the change is noticeable, but barely. 

I am deaf in my right ear and I like to bring different speakers up to an audible point and adjust others to match then increase the overall volume. I would love to be able to set the sound with the satellites as the starting point. But I can't. There is essentially no volume out of them.

Please help.